About the Amingo Project

Project Production Status:

Amingo is currently in Active Development.

Our Mission

Amingo‘s mission is to provide music professionals, both artists, and the venues and services that support them, the tools and connections necessary to self-manage their careers, while providing a rich and engaging musical experience to delight all music fans.


We are a group of musicians and music professionals that have studied and/or experienced first-hand how musicians, venues, and services interface within today’s ever-evolving music industry. We are also skilled programmers and engineers that are interested in making these interactions more efficient, useful, and engaging.

We envision a world where music professionals can connect via a new set of easy-to-use tools, while leveraging currently available social media channels.  These tools will create valuable connections and relationships for all music professionals — across all genres and all offerings.

Amingo helps everyone know the important stuff… who you know, who knows you,  what people think about you, and where you fit in.